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Making Better Decisions - A Pilot's Perspective

Like most product managers, my route into the industry was unconventional. I started life as a commercial pilot, and a …

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The Early Founder Growth Gap

As a founder, the importance of your ability to execute wains as your company matures. Simultaneously to this, the impo…

Reading time: 7min

Announcement: Founders Programme April 2020

We’re thrilled to be opening up applications for the third cohort of our ambitious Founders Programme. Our highly curat…

Reading time: 6min

Data In Health Care Office Hours

in partnership with HS. Ventures and Mindstream AI.

Reading time: 3min

BLOG | Forward Thinking

The Next Generation of Consumer Genetics

A rapid decrease in the cost of genome sequencing has fuelled mass adoption of consumer-centric companies and services …

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BLOG | Announcements

How to ace Office Hours like Molly Hart

Molly Hart is the founder of HIGHR and our most recent investment from Office Hours.

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BLOG | Announcements

FemTech Office Hours

in partnership with Octopus Ventures

Reading time: 2min

Founders Programme Interview: With Rich Serunjogi

Following opening applications for the 2nd Edition of our Founders Programme last month, we had a chat with a member of…

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BLOG | Announcements

Announcement: Founders Programme 2019, 2nd Edition

In January this year, Forward Partners launched the Founders Programme, with six early stage founders working with us f…

Reading time: 5min

Industry 4.0 at Forward Partners: our investment …

Industry 4.0 is a term that was coined at the start of the decade, and refers to the increasing penetration of technolo…

Reading time: 3min

Revealing the first FP Founders Programme cohort

We kicked off this year by announcing our first Founders Programme, designed to select a small group of pre-seed entrep…

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Early startups: the journalists’ view

Journalists meet and hear from so many businesses, that they develop a view of the industry few others enjoy. Yet at th…

Reading time: 15min