Data In Health Care Office Hours

in partnership with HS. Ventures and Mindstream AI.

Data has the power to radically transform the healthcare system and how individuals track and monitor their health.

On a macro-level, it's only a matter of time before we improve our ability to predict diseases at earlier stages and make more meaningful public health predictions. On an individual-level, Babylon AI is getting us closer to a world in which consumers have a 360 view of their vitals and are able to receive more personalised treatment, the likes of Genetrainer and DNAFit are making it possible to optimise your nutrition and fitness on the basis of your DNA, and are enabling users to manage their genetic data safely and securely.

And whilst these early movers have begun to prove what’s possible, the data opportunity still remains largely untapped. The numerous ways that health data can be leveraged to deliver value across the ecosystem will continue to grow as the amount of data we have access too, also grows. One of our investors, Luke Smith, explores this idea in his deep-dive piece on the next generation of consumer genetics.

Alongside our partners HS. Ventures and Mindstream AI we’re excited to speak to ambitious founders that are pioneering the data-led revolution in health care at our special edition of Office Hours on the 26th March. If this sounds like you, then read on!

How Do Office Hours Work?

Office Hours are monthly quick-fire sessions where our investment team sit down with pre-seed founders to hear their big ideas and provide specific feedback. On the 26th of March, we’ll be joined by the teams from HS. Ventures and Mindstream AI, so you’ll have the chance to pitch to them too.

We’ve invested in a number of companies that were discovered through Office Hours, so view the 15-minute meeting as a chance to show us that you’re:

A) a strong founder (or founding team) with deep domain expertise

B) have an unfair advantage, and

C) are playing in a venture-scale market.

If we’re excited about you and your business, we’ll invite you back for a more in-depth investment meeting. We’ve invested in 6 companies through Office Hours to-date, and are hoping to add to this throughout 2020.

Who can apply?

We’re keen to meet all pre-seed founders with an idea for how to use data to improve health care, and any early-stage startups currently working to do so.

We receive 100’s of applications every month, so it’s worth investing a bit of time into your submission. Our investor Louise put together a cheat sheet on how to craft a killer application, and it’s well worth a read.

How Do I Apply?

Fill in our application form, and make sure to select ‘Data In Health Care Office Hours’. They’ll be held on March 26th at the Forward Partners offices.

We can’t wait to meet you.

Apply now.

Our Partners

HS Ventures

HS. are health innovation specialists and early-stage investors. Their team includes doctors, entrepreneurs and investors that are passionate about improving health through technology. They work with health providers and multinational corporate partners to solve their innovation challenges by connecting them with innovative health-tech startups - and in the process, help those startups to scale.

Mindstream AI

Mindstream AI provides AI strategy, training and consulting solutions for enterprise clients, startups and individuals to equip them to embrace the AI revolution and become leaders in the field. With Mindstream Academy, the only school solely dedicated to data science in the UK, they aim to address the shortage of talent in data science and provide world-class resources to help implement data science projects nationwide.

Shope is a marketer, writer and headshot photographer. As Brand and Content Manager at Forward Partners, Shope executes on our content strategy and works to build our awareness with early-stage founders. Prior to joining Forward Partners she worked at e-commerce and marketplace startups, initially as a content creator at ASOS, before moving onto support Drover and Common Objective with their communications and content. She has a strong interest in consumer brands and sustainability.

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