FemTech Office Hours

in partnership with Octopus Ventures

We’re incredibly excited to be co-hosting FemTech Office Hours on 13th December.

Why FemTech Office hours?

FemTech is an exciting and growing space and we’ve seen numerous companies such as Elvie, an Octopus portfolio company, have huge success. However despite these trailblazers we still believe FemTech as a whole lacks the focus, funding and attention that it deserves. We have also recognised from our own dealflow that we don’t see as much as we’d like to in this space.  

Because of this we are doing a deep dive into FemTech, looking at the current market and our predictions for the future. I’m going to be publishing a piece in the New Year on the next wave - Femtech 2.0 if you like (!) - and we hope that through this process we will be able to make an investment into a company championing female health.  

Is this you? 

We’re keen to meet founders with an idea to change female health and early-stage companies who are already working to do so.

We would love to meet those looking to breakdown the stigma and crazy, totally unnecessary shame that often surrounds women’s health issues. Founders that don’t raise an eyebrow at words like “vagina, menopause, or STI”.

This might include companies that believe consumer brands and/or greater health data can offer improved access and standard of care than traditional health providers. Companies that recognise the importance of individualised care for women across any disease or condition. Companies that appreciate the influencing factors such as hormonal health that are important in a holistic health picture. We would love to speak to companies that believe traditionally overlooked and ‘unsexy’ markets can offer huge potential for growth.

What is Office Hours? 

Office Hours is a chance to have an informal chat with one of the investment team at Forward Partners or Octopus Ventures. As a founder you can use this meeting to ask for advice on your business or discuss investment. We have invested in a number of companies through this channel. 

The first meeting is initially 15 minutes and if we think there is a good fit we’ll invite you back for an investment meeting in the following week or two. 

We will also be releasing an in-depth interview on how to raise with the last pre-seed company to get investment through Office Hours, Molly Hart founder of Highr. Keep an eye out for this. 

Please apply to Office Hours via this link and be sure to select ‘FemTech Office Hours’. 

Office Hours is our channel for pre-seed companies. If you are a seed company we would still love to hear from you. Please apply here.

We look forward to discussing the future of female-focused technologies with you. 


Octopus Ventures

Octopus back pioneers who are daring to reimagine the future of health, the future of money and deep tech. They are one of Europe’s largest funds, with £1.2 billion under management. Their typical investment is from £1 million for Seed to around £5 million for Series A and can follow their investment right up to £25 million.

Louise started out as a medical doctor and has experience in a number of medical and surgical specialities. She has undertaken research in a world-class laboratory, is published in an international medical journal and has presented work at multiple national and international conferences.

Following this, she joined Entrepreneur First where she developed a healthcare communication platform.

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