Forward Partners IdeaHack 2018

This September, we arranged an event to help entrepreneurs bring their idea to life, and possibly win £5000 in the process.

It may sound like a competition. But actually, our experience on the day confirmed our real ambition for the project: to educate and support founders in a way that adds tangible and practical value and helps them reach their potential faster.

(If you’re interested in seeing what topics were covered, you can find the decks from each presentation that were given at the bottom of this article.)

From idea to reality

forward-partners-idea-hack-lean-canvasWe saw attendees at various stages of the process, some with existing pitch decks and a fully fledged product, through to those with nothing more than an idea and an interest.

Perhaps unexpectedly, in some ways the experience was harder for those further along their journey. When you have spent all your time thinking about a particular challenge, it can be hard to break free from a fixed mindset, even for a day.

Meanwhile, when you have nothing more than the core idea, you can find yourself moving very quickly as you approach the lean canvas, and begin to develop a proper pitch deck and landing page.

ideahack-landing-pageUltimately, after a busy day of remarkable enthusiasm and hard work, the judges were unanimous in awarding the prize to one team. When deciding on a winner, we weren’t looking for who had the most developed product, the best pitch deck or even the “best” idea. Instead they were looking to see which team put the most into the day, and in turn got the most out of it, regardless of what stage they were at.

First place

Despite having one of the more developed products, the team that won was the one who took on board feedback from every single session and were even updating their website live after a session on how to build a great landing page.

It was that willingness to absorb feedback and immediately apply it that captured the true spirit of learning and action that we know makes the most successful entrepreneurs prosper.


So, our congratulations go to the team behind HandUp Learning, for exemplifying the true spirit of our first IDEAHACK -- and also to all the attendees that joined us to make it such a success.

Stay tuned for more news on other events very soon.

Ideahack all-slides from Matthew Bradley

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