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Forward Partners Startup Salary Survey 2016


Head of Talent


We’re excited to publish our first UK Startup Salary Survey. Our aim was to provide more insight on remuneration (and more) across a range of functions, levels, funding stages and company sizes whilst focussing purely on early stage startups in the UK. Here it is:

Download the Forward Partners 2016 Salary Survey here >> (pdf)


Thank you to all of those who took the time to participate in the survey.  Thanks also to UnicornHunt/3Beards and Jobbio for helping distribute the survey. We contacted over 15,000 people and had over 500 responses that we distilled down to 356 when screening for purely the early stage startups.

Survey demographics are set out on pages 10 to 16, and our methodology is described on page 7. It goes without saying that these findings are based purely on the information provided by survey respondents, and therefore caution should be exercised before drawing firm conclusions from the data. However, the overarching trends outlined in this report are borne out by our day-to-day experience of helping startups build their teams and scale them internationally.

Key trends:

Founder CEOs are the happiest workers

92% of founders who responded do not have an MBA level education with most  holding a BA level degree.

The gender pay gap prevails across the industry with female C Level executives earning on average 29% less across the year than male counterparts.

The biggest gains were evidenced in the HR function within startups.

Most moves were driven by new challenge and the opportunity to take on greater responsibility as opposed to financial redress.

Of course, the data you really want to see is functional salary trends, and we’ve broken this down by function from page 69, and displayed general trends on page 25.

If there’s anything in this report that you’d like to discuss, please do not hesitate to get in touch by dropping us a note at chris@forwardpartners.com


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