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FP50 - End Of Year Dinner


Head of Talent


Last Thursday we held our final FP50 event of the year at Hixster. There was lots of great food and drink as well as a good dose of fun!

Last Thursday we held our final FP50 event of the year at Hixster.

There was lots of great food and drink as well as a good dose of fun!

We launched our invite only, and most importantly, entrepreneur friendly mentor network in February of this year and since then it has been going from strength to strength.

Notable milestones:

We launched the online community in early March (on Slack to start with) and since then we have shared over six thousand messages as well as over one thousand candidates (with consent I hasten to add). We also hosted three events across London and partnered with multiple companies that offer exclusive discounts and services to those participating in the group.

But perhaps most importantly we have been hearing reports of more permanent advisory positions being filled through the network, hires being made, and the cross-pollination of ideas resulting in smart new ways of working and quicker problem solving.

In the New Year we will be building on this success by adding more members to the group, bringing onboard new partnerships and launching smaller, more focussed events.

But for now, we want to thank all those involved in making this group what it is and mention that we look forward to building on our progress into the New Year!

Some feedback on the event:

"It was a great eve and I made some great contacts!"


"Enjoyed the evening had some great conversations!"

Founder / CTO

"As always it was great talking to everybody"


"Dinner was EXCELLENT - thanks so much. I got tons out of it"

Founder / CEO

"Really enjoyed myself, but did not enjoy the gym so much this morning!"


"Thanks for a great eve last night. Super interesting sharing war stories with other founders"

Founder / CEO



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