Snaptrip: A purpose driven rebrand

Matt Fox, (Founder of Snaptrip, a last minute cottage holiday rental site) asked Forward Partners to help him build a brand with more purpose. As part of a four week rebranding project, Forward Partners brought strategic insight, identity, branding, web design and UX expertise to develop an updated and focused product experience. When we started working with Snaptrip they had been in start up mode for 5 years, focused on growth and not necessarily the customer experience. The product experience had become inconsistent so we partnered with them to help create a new foundation on which they could grow for years.


Matt had been a co-founder and marketer of a travel business, previously acquired in 2010. He saw the opportunity for a modern, self-catered business dedicated to last minute with parallels to companies such as hotel tonight.

He knew the industry and had proven he understood running a business, but felt like he needed help with the product and technical risk. Matt was introduced by an Angel Investor. Forward Partners was his first and only meeting with a VC, drawn by our idea stage offering.

Snaptrip old site

“Our brand had lost consistency and was feeling like patchwork” - Matt, CEO Snaptrip


Brand Audit

We think it’s best to start projects with a deep dive session to learn as much as we can about the current the brand. What does the experience look like now from a UX point of view? What customer profile do you attract vs which ones are you trying to appeal to? Where does the product stand in relation to the competitors? After this session we’ll get a clear understanding of where Snaptrip stands out and what areas can be improved.

With a clear understanding of the current state of Snaptrip we started our brand strategy workshop. The output of this workshop helped drive all brand identity and brand experience decisions. We held a session on brand purpose, which essentially asks the question, why does Snaptrip exist? What is their north star? We looked at company values and how those values help steer them towards that north star. Then we looked at which brand attributes best describes their voice, culture, feel, customer and what kind of X factor really sets them apart. The whole point of these exercises is to help give Snaptrip a personality and moral compass. Traits that allow customers to connect with them on a more emotional level.

The enthusiasm we felt after leaving the workshop each day re-energised us - Matt

Once we had the output of the workshop we were able to start the creative process. I like to always start with mood boards to gauge how adventurous or conservative the founder would prefer to go. Each mood board played off the workshop output.

One board dialed up certain keywords while another board dialed up others. The Snaptrip team was then given stickers to vote on which moodboard or which elements they thought worked best for what Snaptrip is trying to communicate.  

After getting feedback on the mood boards we were able to take the team’s feedback and move on to create stylescapes. Stylescapes allow the Snaptrip team to see the next iteration of the identity directions in a more contextual setting. We use a few web components and layouts to help the team visualise how the each direction could translate into the product. By now we are narrowing in on the new identity and the team again votes on which stylescape or design elements best represent Snaptrip.

After the final votes we took the time to apply the ideas to the current Snaptrip ui to prove the concept. What’s important to understand with the Snaptrip project is it wasn’t about blowing the entire product up and starting over. We needed to level up the experience by creating a consistent and engaging experience throughout each touch point without the need to completely rebuild.

With the audit and strategy workshop we were able to make some quick win UX adjustments and give the Snaptrip identity a fresh makeover. An identity that communicates the purpose of Snaptrip. Life is better when you’re spontaneous.

The age of standstill brands are long gone. Companies need to create relationships with customers and just like any relationship they evolve and grow so it’s vital Snaptrip is able to stay agile and adjust when needed.

We created the foundation of the Snaptrip Design System so the team can iterate on the identity and UI as they learn more about their customers. Having this low cost system will allow the team to explore and test ideas without the huge overhead.

The Snaptrip team are still in the process of implementing the new brand, but one surprising byproduct of the rebrand that wasn’t really considered is the effect it’s had on the Snaptrip team.

They have seen productivity rise as everyone is able to get behind and drive forward the new purpose together and there are shared assets that make it easier when creating new marketing collateral.

Seth brings over 12 years of design experience from around the world including Washington DC, Cleveland, Ohio and Malta.

He has a strong passion for all things branding and helped maintain brand standards for world-wide corporations (Nestle, Nokia, John Deere, Kimberly Clark and Sherwin Williams) while also creating new and engaging brands for start-ups, city organisations and charities while his ability to transition his layout and branding skills to the digital world has resulted in clean, intuitive and modern web designs.

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