Thinking about starting up?

Welcome back from summer! We took a couple of weeks break from The Path Forward in August but not because we were on holiday…but because we were working on something special. We’d like to announce an exciting event that we have planned for the end of September: the IDEAHACK 2018!

‘What’s an IdeaHack?’ you might ask.


We’re looking to help entrepreneurs who are in their very first stages of working on something new, bring their idea to life...and possibly win £5000 in the process.


On the 29th of September we’ll be running a half day workshop in collaboration with Makers Academy where attendees will put together a lean canvas, draft a short pitch deck and draw out a top-grade landing page. Those sessions will be introduced and guided from one of the Forward Partners team. More information can be found here.


Why apply / why are we doing this?


Forward Partners are the earliest stage investor in the world. Because of our entrenchment in the startup ecosystem we’re acutely aware of how difficult it can be to make breakthroughs at the very beginning of a business. The whole day is constructed around getting all of those ideas in your head - no matter how crazy - out into the open, articulated and taken to the next stage. We’ve helped 10s of entrepreneurs build their startups from day zero - check out this story about how we helped Freddie from Patch - and we’d like to share that executional and investment expertise with you.


The team that’s done the best job on the day will pocket the £5000 prize. Half of that will be in cold, hard cash. The other half will be credit for work with the Forward Partners Venture Development team. We’d like to think that the latter part of the prize is the more valuable, but we’ll leave that up to you to decide :)


Who is it for?


Super early stage entrepreneurs and teams. Ultimately we’re going to be playing around on the drawing board. You might be very much at the ‘idea’ stage, kicking the tyres on some concepts. You might be in the process of doing some customer research. You might even have an MVP or version 1 product out there. If you’re any later stage than that the drawing board might have lost its appeal!


Do I have to be working on a certain kind or type of business?


Nope - we’re just looking to help out some top quality founders and teams who are working on something new and interesting. At Forward Partners, we’re primarily investors in Applied AI, eCommerce and Marketplaces though you need not be working on something specifically in those areas.


What are you waiting for?


Apply now!

Matthew used to work on trading floors at Lloyds and BarCap before seeing the light. Following an MBA at SDA Bocconi and before joining us he became an entrepreneur and investor in his own right.

Matt splits his time between investments and working across the portfolio.

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