Changing the lives of people with long-term conditions

Changing the lives of people with long-term conditions

LiveBetterWith radically improves the everyday lives of people living with long-term conditions - such as cancer, dementia and menopause - by providing content, community and commerce that is focused on relieving side effects and symptoms. We’ve partnered with Tamara since 2015 - on building product, fuelling growth and revolutionising their brand identity.

230m people with chronic illnesses and conditions are currently poorly served with information, community and commerce by existing providers, but still spending north of $345B on home health, living aids and wellness products.


Treat people, not conditions

Whilst working in healthcare as a partner at McKinsey, Tamara saw repeatedly how neglected the ‘everyday life’ side of healthcare really was. Very few patients she met knew what products were available to relieve their side effects and symptoms. And if they did, they sure didn’t know where to buy them

Our desire to invest was fuelled by not just Tamara’s passion for solving this meaningful problem, but also her deep strategic and operational expertise made her the woman for the job. It was our ability to build an early team around her - to bring the first product experience to life at speed - which made accepting our offer an easy one for Tamara.


A patient-centred platform

Tamara’s deep held belief about the LiveBetterWith platform, is that it should place the patient at its core. For her, that meant being able to filter and search by how someone is feeling (‘I can’t sleep’ or ‘I can’t swallow’), and then being able to discover all of the non-medical products, content and conversations that might help.

Tamara led our product team through customer development to not only validate this approach, but then to quickly prototype and experiment with ways this might manifest in the user experience.

With a strong direction testing well with users, we then designed, built, and launched the LiveBetterWith ecommerce store in just over 6 weeks - in turn laying the foundations for the evolution of the LiveBetterWith experience and the ambitions to shift to a ‘multi-condition’ service.

“.Working with Forward Partners from the start really helped us move at speed. Going from zero to a platform that patients could use in just 6 weeks - that just wouldn’t have been possible trying to hire first.”


Elevating a purposeful brand

Post Series A, Tamara knew how important elevating brand and identity would be to their future growth. With 3 years of history together, Tamara knew she could trust the team at Forward to lead a branding overhaul worthy of her team and mission.

From exploring brand attributes, personas and values, right through to moodboarding, art direction and brand guidelines, Forward took Tamara and the team through a lean but diligent branding process to give them an aesthetic well beyond their years.

Where they are now


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