Our investment strategy

We offer access to high-growth companies at early stages. Investing early not only means great deals on equity. It means we can roll up our sleeves and get involved right from the start, supporting our businesses to build strong foundations for growth.

This page was last updated on the 19th July 2021

We focus on the hottest sectors.

Applied AI, eCommerce and marketplace are showing rapid and sustainable growth in the UK. Our team shares a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities within them.

Applied AI

Applied AI

The application of AI to common use cases can transform industries, enabling new business models and value creation.



The pandemic has accelerated changes that are driving an increasing number of transactions online.



Our companies are growing platforms that significantly impact a market, leveraging technology and a scalable business model.

Forward attracts a large and diverse pipeline of deals.

We’re at the heart of an incredible technology ecosystem in London and scour it for promising teams tackling the most exciting opportunities. We have developed a unique, data-driven approach to screening companies and founders.

> 4000 Leads

> 4000 Leads

445 First Meetings

445 First Meetings

5 Investments

5 Investments

We invest early.

We focus on pre-seed and seed stage investments. Investing early means smaller investments with significant ownership stakes, and a naturally diversified portfolio. We grow with our businesses, participating in follow-on rounds up to series A.

Great deals on early-stage equity.

We’re investing for higher stakes at much lower valuations than traditional industry growth capital.

Great returns with a diversified portfolio.

Our investments are naturally diversified - generating returns from a higher volume of mid-level exits.

Potential for fund out-performance.

We hunt for outliers, not just unicorns. If a unicorn does appear in the herd our fund outperforms predictions.

We supercharge growth.

Our studio helps founders beat the odds, with practical, strategic guidance and expert execution. We empower teams to move forward faster, find market fit, build scalable products, high-performing teams - and enviable sales pipelines.

Working with FP’s enterprise sales coach was the most formative intervention we made in 2018. We’d spent two years building a world-class product but the months of workshops, developing our sales playbook helped us to step-up our sales operation.

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