Access the fastest growing ecosystem in Europe.

The UK tech ecosystem is booming. It holds exciting opportunity for those that understand the market. We’ve placed ourselves right at the heart of this ecosystem - with a unique approach to venture capital that gives founders their best shot at success whilst delivering excellent returns for investors.

This page was last updated on the 19th July 2021.

Buy into the UK’s most exciting technology businesses.

Buying shares in Forward means you get access to the UK’s most exciting applied AI, ecommerce and marketplace businesses. We attract a diverse pipeline of deals, and have developed a unique, data-driven approach to screening companies and teams at the start of their journey.

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Our model.

It takes more than money to transform a big idea into a world-changing business. Startups with high-growth potential need strong foundations to succeed. So we invest early and add value right from the start.

Our flexible funding options and full-stack startup studio have been crafted to help founders beat the odds through the earliest stages and beyond.

Venture Fund

Venture Fund

We invest £200k-£2 million from day zero through to Series A, focusing on applied AI, marketplaces and eCommerce.



We provide equity-free funding of up to £1m, to fund marketing spend for eCommerce SMEs, in return for a fixed fee.



A purpose-built startup studio of expert operators - dedicated to helping our portfolio design, build and grow.

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Our strategy

We invest in the most ambitious teams within the hottest sectors - right at the start of their journey.

Investor FAQ

How to answer general shareholder queries - and key contacts for existing or prospective investors.

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Ann-Marie Rossiter

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