Office Hours

Working on the next big thing? Say hello.

We hold Office Hours monthly. Office Hours is your opportunity to let us know about your idea. Apply, and if successful, we will back your company with at least £300k.

What is Office Hours?

We hold Office Hours monthly. We’re looking to meet founders and teams of ecommerce, marketplaces and applied AI businesses at pre-seed stage. If successful, we back companies with £300k. Office Hours is your opportunity to let us know about your idea.

The format of the meetings is a 15 minute chat with a member of our investment team. We’re happy to give advice, we’re happy to discuss your idea and we’re happy to be pitched to.

  • “The office hours are a good part of the Forward Partners strategy. I'm sure I speak for many founders that getting feedback from VC investors is rare and appreciated.”

  • “The investors clearly had some experience in the market and had reviewed my application carefully.”

  • “I really like the format. A conversation leads to a mutual way of understanding things, which helps the concept to become clearer for everyone.”

  • “I really enjoyed their way of questioning - the investor dived straight to the key points, which was refreshing as I haven't communicated like that in a long time!”

  • “I was very encouraged by the office hours... it felt open and inclusive, yet clear and direct. I prepared information concerning the four main questions in the FAQs. It was a unique and welcome experience, so thank you.”

  • “It was a good way to get some feedback and hear some good questions in a non-intimidating way, as well as learning about myself in how I answered them.”

What we look for

It’s simple! We’re looking for great entrepreneurs with great ideas that operate in big markets.

We have a preference for entrepreneurs with domain expertise and we love people who obsess over product and understanding their customers.

How founders benefit

4 out of 55 of our portfolio companies have received funding via Office Hours. Only about 10% of applications are selected, and those that get through have a great opportunity to share their idea and receive feedback from an experienced team of investors.

As part of our commitment to founders, we track our interactions regularly to ensure we offer the best service and advice to founders. Our NPS Score is consistently “Excellent” (70 and above).

When to apply

We invest as early as possible to really help you get your product on the right track. You can come to us with just an idea. If you would like to come along please apply here and we’ll get back to you.

Our next Office Hours is on

4th October 2019 at 1:30 p.m.

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