Our Approach

Funding & hands-on expertise

We believe that young startups need the right capital, great people and an incredible network to succeed. We help you get to Series A faster by providing all three.


From £300k for pre-seed.
Up to £1m for seed.

We lead investments but also are happy to co-invest alongside our peers. We make significant reserves for follow-ons, which means we're set up to support your growth in the future.

Pre-seed stage

Arrive at pre-seed and leave with a Series A.

We back great entrepreneurs. We won’t turn you away if you don’t have a product or your first customers, and we don’t expect you to have a co-founder. We’ll provide your first investment and our team of world class startup experts. We'll get you moving fast so you can launch and start building your own great team quicker. We deliver founder leverage.

Seed stage

We invest in seed stage companies too.

With up to £1m we'll lead or co-invest in rounds of up to £4m. We're never passive money. That same expertise that we offer to our pre-seed companies is available at seed stage and across the portfolio. See how that worked for Spoke.


A better way to build your startup

We'll provide the capital and expertise you need to build fast. We'll be with you every step of the way.

Get going fast

Work with the team to really understand your customers through user research and creating your initial MVP.

Create a product they'll love

We’ll help you create evangelists not just customers. Work with our team to turn your vision into a beautiful and usable product from day one.

Get the tech right

Our tech team will build a product using the latest technologies and to the highest standards, helping you attract your own CTO to take over.

Use data effectively

We’ll make sure you have all the right data in place to understand your business and make great decisions.

Tell your story

We know that creating a compelling story and telling the world will help with growth, hiring and future funding. That is why we give PR support to all our companies. We’ll help you craft a story, work on strategy and network with the press to get the word out. We won't rest until you are a household name.

Scale fast

You need to grow fast to attract the right talent and further investment. We'll hussle alongside you to find the right channels in today's complex marketing environment.

Build a great team

The best companies are driven by rock-solid teams. Our Head of Talent will work with you tirelessly to help construct your ultimate dream-team. From interns to co-founders and from writing job descriptions to closing a hire, we’ve got your talent requirements covered. It’s all part of the deal.

Have a great network

Our network becomes your network. With 200+ top angel and Series A investors, as well as 50+ mentors we’ll help you not only find further investment, but also talent, friendship, advice and support.


Join us in our Hoxton home.

Spend your time getting your business off the ground, not worrying about startup logistics. Dedicated space in our office in Old Street is part of our pre-seed stage package. Use all our amenities so that you can focus on driving your business forward. That means you’ll never run out of printer ink, have to find a scanner or reschedule a delivery. You'll share the space with all the team as well as other businesses we back. It’s a collaborative office and help is only a tap on the shoulder away.


We know it’s working.
We’ve got the proof.

The support Forward Partners offers is only the start. Our mission with each of the founders we work with is to get them and their business to the next fundraise within 12 months. Our partners have gone on to raise money from the world’s leading VCs.

Our support doesn’t stop at Series A. From hiring to scaling infrastructure, our team is on hand to help wherever we’re needed.

Startup Stories

Check out the following startups that we’ve helped to achieve amazing results.

Pre-seed Stage

July 2015

Live better With is the first curated website dedicated to improving the quality of day-to-day life for people living with cancer. We worked with Tamara, the founder, over the first 12 months to prove her concept, build a scalable product and identify growth channels to build early traction.

July 2016

12 months later Live Better With is a team of 10 attracted to the mission and the amazing progress Tamara has made so far. The company is growing sales in the UK, US and across the globe. In August 2016 they raised $2 million from a number of top VCs.

Seed Stage

Jan 2015

When we met entrepreneur Ben Farren, he had made the first steps towards building Spoke, his game changing menswear brand on a mission to provide consumers with the cut of bespoke trousers combined with the convenience of ready to wear. We led the seed investment in Spoke and from that point onwards we’ve worked closely with Ben and his team to provide advice and support on technical decisions, hiring and operations.

July 2016

Spoke has experienced impressive growth over this period and we have helped Ben build a strong team around him to take the company to the next level. As well hiring we continue to support Ben with PR strategy and execution.

January 2017

Spoke secured $1.8m in funding in a round which included Oxford Capital alongside Forward Partners and Seedcamp

Our methodology. The Path Forward.

We know building a business is really difficult. That’s why we created The Path Forward. It helps founders validate their ideas, build a product, achieve traction, hire a team and raise follow on funding all in the space of 12 months.

Check out The Path Forward

We’re always looking for founders with brilliant ideas.

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