The Path Forward

The fast track to a scalable digital business

We know building a business is really difficult. That’s why we created The Path Forward. It helps founders validate their ideas, build a product, achieve traction, hire a team and raise follow on funding all in the space of 12 months.

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Startup creation divided into 3 distinct stages

Each stage of The Path Forward focuses on a product-mindset and contains a collection of practical guides for performing business activities that will enable you to efficiently move from one stage to the next.

Each distinct stage is broken down into critical waypoints

All the stages break down into 3 waypoints, covering the critical areas of Fundamentals, Growth & Team.

Companies that follow The Path Forward raise a Series A within 12 months.

“The path forward is an invaluable framework that has helped us structure our thinking and has got us to raising £1 million in 12 months.”

Ross Bailey

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