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With our idea or seed-stage investment and a team of dedicated experts you’ll grow your business at lightning speed.

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34 companies & counting

We’ve worked with 34 entrepreneurs at idea and seed stage since we were founded. The hard work we’ve put in together has proved vital in building out their products, growing revenues and helping them to secure follow-on funding.

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We’re bigger than most VC firms, that’s because we have an experienced team of operators to get you moving fast. We’re hands-on and here to help you master everything from early product development to PR.

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Idea Stage Story

Ross Bailey, Founder

Ross was one of the very first idea stage founders to work with us. After a successful stint running a Diamond Jubilee themed pop up shop in 2012, Ross arrived at Forward Partners determined to revolutionise the way people rented temporary retail spaces. 18 months later he had a phenomenally successful product and had raised a $10 million Series A from Balderton.

How we helped

We worked with Ross from day one to help design, develop and and grow his startup over the first 12 months. We continue to support Ross with hiring and interviewing key hires.

Seed Stage Story

Tal, Asi, Pedro and David, Founders

Lostmy.name combines the power of amazing storytelling with the possibilities of technology, to create magical personalised experiences for kids. We led their seed round and 12 months later they raised $9million series A round from Google Ventures.

How we helped

Our team supported Lost my name with their strategy, honing their pitch when fund-raising and continue to support them with recruiting talent.

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We love meeting talented entrepreneurs with great ideas. Come to our monthly Office Hours or Forward Partners Live events. We’re also big fans of entrepreneurs who get in touch via an introduction from our network.

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