Forward-thinking capital.

It takes more than money to transform a great idea into a world-changing business.

Forward provides thinking capital. Capital with the capability to help founders find market fit, develop scalable products, high-performing teams - and enviable sales pipelines.

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Building product success through customer understanding.

Forward worked with Lexoo to gather, analyse and synthesise customer insight. The studio team rapidly built a concierge-based product, which meant the team could launch quickly, onboard new lawyers and bring them customers - all in just 6 weeks.

We help founders beat the odds.




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Our offer.

Funding that fits.

We know that every business has different needs. So we get involved from the early stages and provide fair, flexible funding options - with or without equity.

Expertise on demand.

We provide access to expertise built scaling dozens of successful businesses, to help founders gain a sustainable competitive advantage right from the start.

Working with FP’s enterprise sales coach was the most formative intervention we made in 2018. We’d spent two years building a world-class product but the months of workshops and developing our sales playbook helped us to step-up our sales operation