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The UK tech ecosystem is booming. It holds exciting opportunity for those that understand the market. We’ve placed ourselves right at the heart of this ecosystem - with a unique approach to venture capital that gives founders their best shot at success whilst delivering excellent returns for investors.

This page was last updated on 30th June 2022.

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As of 31st December 2021



As of 31st December 2021

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We invest in the most ambitious teams within the hottest sectors - right at the start of their journey.

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Read our answers to general shareholder queries - and see the key contacts for existing or prospective investors.

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Maitland AMO.
Please contact our team at Maitland AMO,
Sam Turvey or Kate Pledger.

2021 Annual Report

We look back at a strong 2021, and outline our pragmatic approach to 2022, in our 2021 Annual Report.