than money

Moving founders forward through early-stage venture investment, a purpose-built startup studio, and revenue-based finance.

Your best shot at success

We exist to give you your best shot at success. That means investing more than money. We provide in-house operators to help you get to product market fit and then scale. We offer revenue-based finance to help you boost growth without additional dilution.

“The value we get from the investment team, studio and talent team - I don’t think you can put a price on that. ”


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Beat the odds

Forward founders are 4x more likely to reach Series A, 26% faster, with a 55% higher valuation and 2.3x more founder equity than their peers.

Venture fund

We invest £200k-£2 million from day zero through to Series A, focusing on applied AI, marketplaces and e-commerce.

Revenue financing

We provide fast, flexible and equity free capital of up to £1m to fund your marketing spend, in return for a 6% fixed fee.

Startup studio

A purpose-built startup studio filled with engineers, designers, marketers, and recruiters dedicated to helping our portfolio design, build and grow.

“Working with Forward’s enterprise sales coach was the most formative intervention we made in 2018. We’d spent two years building a world-class product but the months of workshops, developing our sales playbook helped us to step-up our sales operation.”


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Get funded

You shouldn’t have to know someone who knows someone to build a successful company. Our open-door policy and 300+ startup guides exist to ensure great founders go as far as they possibly can.

Pre-launch funding

For great founders with big ideas. We invest £200k-£1 million pre-launch and offer full support from our startup studio.

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Seed funding

For founders with traction we invest between £300k—£2 million in Seed funding and offer full support from our startup studio.

The Path Forward

For founders looking to learn. Explore 300+ tactical guides on early-stage company building.

The latest

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Katie Kim


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Liina Lopp

Liina Lopp

Marketing Associate


Female Founder Office Hours

A monthly event where 20 pre-seed founders pitch their business idea's and get advice from our investors.