Leading innovation in legal services.

Lexoo has become a globally recognised lawyer marketplace that connects in-house legal teams with specialist external counsel, on-demand. Forward has been at Daniel’s side since pre-seed, collaborating on product, growth and recruitment.

The £16.8B enterprise legal services market in the UK has seriously lacked innovation, and the marketplace model offers an opportunity for SMEs and enterprise to find higher quality specialist lawyers for considerably cheaper than via large firms.

Where it began

A frustrating industry that needed disruption.

Working as a lawyer in a large law firm, Daniel experienced first hand the lack of transparency and inflated fees that frustrated his clients. He approached Forward with not only a clear articulation of his industries problems, but also a basic MVP in market to get the ball rolling.

With our significant expertise in building and growing marketplace businesses, as well as our track record of supporting solo-founders from day zero, we were the perfect partner for Daniel to bring Lexoo to life.


Listen to the lawyers.

Forward’s customer development process is the starting point for any of our pre-seed companies, and Lexoo was no different. In speaking to prospective customers, we surfaced 3 key insights:


Finding a lawyer was usually based on personal recommendations from contacts of other lawyers that were not relevant to your needs.


There was a big trend of senior lawyers moving from large law firms to independent or boutique firms but they were not skilled marketers.


Customers wanted fixed price quotes quickly and large law firms were reluctant to give them that.

Armed with these insights, our Studio team rapidly built out a concierge based product, that meant he could launch quickly, on-board new lawyers and then bring those lawyers customers - all in just 6 weeks.


Build trust and exceed expectations.

Like most early stage growth, an experimental approach to growth strategies lay the foundations for Lexoo’s early traction. Iterating on paid advertising opened the door to the first customers, but it was the collaboration with the product team that surfaced two major growth levers:

By A/B testing versions of the homepage, we found customer reviews lead to a huge leap in conversion rates. This led to greater investment and effort in collecting customer success stories, and in turn building out a presence on Trustpilot.

For customers who’d had a positive experience with Lexoo, receiving 3 quotes within 24 hours significantly exceeded their expectations. As such the Lexoo team worked to evolve the product to enable and encourage lawyers to quote and respond at speed.

“Forward really gets what it’s like to build and grow at the earliest stage. I was really able to rely on their experience to help me prioritise in the early days.”

Daniel van Binsbergen, co-founder

Where they are now


million Series A led by Earlybird VC


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